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“In The Zone” Expression used to describe a state of consciousness where actual skills match the percieved performance requirements perfectly. Being in the zone implies increased focus and attention which allow for higher levels of performance. Athletes, musicians, and anybody that totally owns a challenge of physical and mental performance can be in the zone. [...]

When exposed to human nature any new law, incentive program, product, game, or business (aka. any new human system) is put to the test for “hackability”. Not unlike software systems, If there is a hole in your process that can be exploited, a rule that can be taken advantage of, it WILL be exploited sooner or later. Flawed human systems not only get hacked, but may also create crooks by means of surfacing a skill that cannot be unlearned. [...]

Hi everyone, Due to work and other factors I have to temporarily retire this blog. The latest posts are from 2008, and while you can still enjoy them, I doubt I will be able to post any new ones any time soon. The last though I want to leave behind: The web is moving faster [...]

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No matter how long of a history you hold with a person, if asked about your performance in the end they will likely remember not the averages of your work, but the highest of HIghs and the lowest of LOWs you’ve delivered. This post puts the Hi-Low concept of performance into perspective for businesses, employees, and brands.

Ajax, accessibility, Flash, ActionScript 3, and Flex, are familiar to many but well known by few. Here are some tips on the conditions of the web industry, the effects they have on finding quality People 2.0, and some ideas on how to go about identifying good developers [...]

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There is something special about Generation Y tech professionals This article takes a deep look in the general tends, motivational factors, and best practices in recruiting and retaining young technologists [...]

This year’s Y Combinator Startup School and some of the recent Google Tech Talks shared top of the line advice from the thought leaders in User Experience, Product Development, and Entrepreneurship. After watching the separate presentations over a period of a few weeks, I could not help but to connect the three topics. Those disciplines together shape and the Web 2.0 environment and its current leaders and will more likely than not affect the industry for years to come. This my summary of recurring themes and notes interconnecting the three topics that and I hope will provide inspiration to Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Marketers, Brand Managers, and Product Leads alike [...]

Here’s a piece of news: only about 20% of the world’s population speaks English (about 30% or so of web users). And guess how the remaining whooping 70% of web users would be able to read your content? Web translators! Those useful little tools use the same technology to traverse through web content as some [...]

A great book by Marshall Goldsmith outlines 20 often-unconscious habits that can damage your relationship with colleagues, family, or people that work with you closely. These traits can often also impact careers and opportunities for promotion as they put you in negative light despite hard work, devotion or talents that could make you a good [...]

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Being in the flow of development can be both satisfying and energizing as days and nights of excited work pile into months and series of great projects. Yet getting used to the stress and pressure of oncoming work can seriously limit ones ability to see outside the stream. Just as driving at high speeds narrows one’s focus into a smaller area to boost reflexes and reaction times, sinking into fast paced projects can rarely allow a good view of the big picture.